8 Best Kitchen Chimney In India 2020 – Buying Guide & Reviews


Best Kitchen Chimney In India 2020

When we think we need a new electrical appliance, we hardly ever think of a kitchen chimney. But here you are reading an article that describes in detail all you need to know and look for before buying the best kitchen chimney in India.

So how did you end up here?

Are you buying this for yourself? Or maybe a loved one?

Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Whichever the case, the world of kitchen chimney is filled with misinformation and expensive products, so it is wise that you’ve chosen to do a bit of research before buying.

So first things first.

A kitchen chimney uses a motor and a filter to absorb and redistribute all of the harmful gaseous substances that can emanate from the kitchen as a result of cooking all your delicious treats.

Experts believe that these pollutants can cause pulmonary heart diseases if exposed for long periods.

So to avoid that, we are here with the list of the modern-day best kitchen chimneys in India.

List of Best Kitchen Chimney in Indiay

Since the primary job of the chimney is filtration, there are a few types of filters that you need to be aware of.

Cassette Filter

Here many layers of mesh help in retaining soil particles, grease, etc. while removing excess remaining smoke. It is usually made of either stainless steel or aluminum. If the mesh gets blocked due to non-maintenance, then the device stops working.

Baffle Filter

This is one of the most popular types of filters for Indian households. Research states that it is 30% better than those with cassette filters. These filters require less frequent cleaning, maybe once in 3-4 months.

Carbon Filters

These filters use charcoal to keep out unwanted particles. These are also quite popular in India, but whether or not they are better than baffle filters is debatable.

We will go into further detail regarding these filters in the “BUYING GUIDE”.

Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Here we have assembled a list of what we think are the best kitchen chimneys in India, and you can find them below. We hope you find the chimney that is best for you.

Various brands come to mind when thinking of kitchen chimney, so we have chronologically listed them down. This list is not a ranking process, and all of these chimneys are excellent products in their own way.

1. Hindware Kitchen Chimney

best kitchen chimney in india

This efficient Kitchen Chimney comes loaded with excellent features and a promise reliable performance from the well-known brand Hindware.

The premium stylish steel grey finish of Hindware Nevio 60 buffs your kitchen space with grandeur and suave. This highly impressive chimney is packaged with a reliable suction power of 1200 m3/hr, which is enough to satisfy your needs.

Please go through the product description below to gain an added understanding of the product specifications and also learn about the vital special features.

Product Description
  • Model – Nevio 60 Auto Clean
  • Air Flow Displacement – 1200 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Wattage – 180 Watts
  • Voltage – 230 Volts
  • Noise Level – 58 dB
  • Customer Rating – 4.0 Star
  • Material – Steel & Glass
  • Special Features – Auto Clean, Baffle Filter
  • Colour – Steel/Grey
  • Warranty – 1 year on product + 5 years on motor

The one-touch control enables eases the process of operation to maintain your ideal kitchen atmosphere.

The Hindware Nevio 60 comes with a durable and strengthened metallic blower that provides top of the class suction prowess, a much longer lifetime for the product, relatively lesser electricity consumption, and reduced noise.

Pretty much all of that sums it up for this kitchen chimney to be one of our choices for the best kitchen chimney in India.

Special Features

  1. Aesthetics: The visual appeal of this kitchen chimney will elevate the overall style and substance of your kitchen and will be an efficient and aesthetically pleasing addition.
  2. Metallic BlowerThe high-quality, durable, and power metallic blowers successfully enhance the suction power; thus, you never need to worry yourself about undesirable odors and smells in the kitchen.
  3. Baffle FilterThis filter helps in maintaining efficient airflow, thereby also ensuring the accuracy of the suction power. These filters are nowadays available in most top-end kitchen chimneys and should be an absolute necessity to qualify for one of the best kitchen chimneys in India.
  4. Feather Touch Controls with LED: Interacting and operating the device is now easier than ever before with state of the art feather touch controls. It lets you set your specifications with minimum hassle and the two LED lamps that offer a large illumination area, thus making it easier to view countertops & also expend less electricity.
  5. Water Auto Clean Technology: This unique auto clean technology facilitates minimum or zero maintenance from your end. It prevents oil and gas particles from getting stuck on the filter. A powerful turbine blower ensures that all of the harmful cooking fumes are blown away periodically.
  6. Oil Collector: The oil collector effectively disposes of the excess oil present in dense kitchen fumes. Otherwise, this oil would collect in the stainless steel filter-making cleaning quite the tiresome ordeal.


  • Safe and durable
  • Smart touch control with two LED lights
  • Comes with oil collector cup
  • Auto-cleaning technology
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance required


  • Sometimes generates too much noise

2. Eurodomo Kitchen Chimney

kitchen chimney for home

With its advanced heat auto clean technology, this reliable and effective kitchen chimney is one for all seasons.

It comes with an oil collector to drastically reduce the amount of hassle you would need to deal with while cleaning the chimney.

It also comes fixed with stainless steel baffle filter for ensuring the durability of the chimney filters for a long time.

The below-mentioned product specification will shed some light for you regarding why this kitchen chimney might be precisely what you are looking for.

Product Description
  • Model – Hood Classy HC TC 60
  • Air Flow Displacement – 1200 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Wattage – 180 Watts
  • Voltage – 220 Volts
  • Noise Level – 58 dB
  • Customer Rating – 4.2 Star
  • Material – Glass
  • Special Features – Auto Clean, Touch Control
  • Colour – Black
  • Warranty – 1 year on product + 5 years on motor

The user-friendly touch control panel enhances the regal elegance of the chimney and makes it fit into your household texture. Say goodbye to oil and smoke leftovers and residue by installing this Eurodomo chimney in your kitchen.

Making all of your ventilation troubles go, poof, the Eurodomo 60 cm kitchen chimney is undoubtedly one of the best kitchen chimney in India.

Special Features

  1. Elegant Aesthetics: The flawlessly made HC TC 60 electric chimney from Eurodomo is all that you have to focus on to give your kitchen that classy and enduring look. This beautiful chimney makes sure that you get smoke-free cooking for years.
  2. 1200 Cubic Feet Per Minute Suction: This chimney has a power capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour, which translates to the fact that this chimney has compelling suction technology that will rid you of all kinds of unwanted smoke and fumes.
  3. Baffle Filter: This chimney attributes very high-quality stainless steel baffle filters, which assist in removing all smoke, oil, and other residues. The filter requires low maintenance but should be occasionally clean thoroughly.
  4. LED Lights: The interface for users has been made better with 2 LED lights that help to light up your cooking atmosphere and give you a better experience.
  5. Heat Auto Clean Technology: Cleaning your kitchen chimney has been simplified to the touch of a button. This advanced heat auto clean technology collects all oil particles and distributes it in a different container. Thus the oil can easily be gotten rid of with a basic washing.
  6. Touch Control Panel: For increased user-friendliness, the easy to use touch control panel saves time and adds to the charm of the product.


  • Safe and durable
  • Aesthetic design gives your kitchen modern look
  • Two LED lights for a better cooking experience
  • Heat auto-clean facility


  • Can be difficult to install based upon the layout of your kitchen

3. Hindware 60cm Kitchen Chimney

kitchen chimney

If you love cooking and are searching for a customizable and reliable option for a kitchen chimney, then this Hindware 60cm 700 m3/hr Chimney might be exactly what you need.

Turn your cooking experience into a mixture of pleasant convenience with the Hindware Clarissa SS 60 chimney.

To paint you a better picture regarding the deep workings and mechanisms of the kitchen chimney, we have compiled the specifics of the product description and a list of special features.

Product Description
  • Model – Clarissa Black 60
  • Air Flow Displacement – 700 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Wattage – 180 Watts
  • Voltage – 230 Volts
  • Noise Level – 58 dB
  • Customer Rating – 3.6 Star
  • Material – Steel
  • Special Features – Compact Size, Cassette Filter
  • Colour – Black
  • Warranty – 1 year on product + 5 years on motor

Flaunting a boastful and futuristic design coupled with a host of very impressive attributes, this appliance helps in keeping the pristine conditions of your intact by assisting the kitchen in the atmosphere remain smoke-free and fumeless.

Its compact size and features like effective airflow make this a must-have for every household that needs regular cooking.

Promising quality as well as robust features, this is one of the best kitchen chimney in India and a definite must-have for every modern household.

Special Features

  1. Compact Size and Matte Black Finish: Made to be compact and elegant, the Hindware Clarissa SS matches the interiors of your kitchen perfectly. The design also delivers excellent efficiency. Packed with novel features and unbending performance, the cool matte black finish of the Hindware Clarissa Black 60 puts a pinch of luxury to your splendid kitchen space.
  2. Max Air FlowDesigned with a suction level of 700 m³/hr, the Hindware Clarissa Black 60 is a seamless mix of futuristic design and state of the art technology which keeps your kitchen fresh, clean and vibrant.
  3. Cassette FilterThe Hindware Clarissa Black 60 is made with a highly efficient and low weight aluminum cassette filter, which prevents oil & other residues from collecting outside so that only the air can move freely amongst the many filters.
  4. Incandescent Lights: The incandescent lights flawlessly ensure that your cooking never halts. The lights enable a larger area of illumination and make it simpler to view the kitchen countertops and also help in consuming less power.
  5. Push Button Control: This control mechanism increases ease of operation and allows for a hassle-free kitchen environment.
  6. Powerful Motor and Low Noise: The powerful and reliable Motor enables a fumeless and smokeless kitchen atmosphere. This motor keeps delivering performance year after year and is one of the reasons that this is one of the best kitchen chimneys in India. This motor also guarantees silent performance as the noise from the operation of the device is low.


  • Ergonomic
  • Safe and sustainable
  • Cool-looking design will enhance your kitchen looks
  • Low noise operation
  • Powerful motor for suction


  • Lack of decent customer service in some locations

4. Inalsa Pyramid Kitchen Chimney

best kitchen chimney for home

Reinvent and transform the way you cook every day with the Inalsa Classica 60BKBF chimney installed in your kitchen. The elegant and compact design of the cooker-hood promises top-notch features and robust performance. This kitchen chimney enables dust and smoke-free cooking as it is crafted with an airflow capacity of 1050 m^3/hr.

The reason why we have decided to pick this chimney as one of the best kitchen chimney in India will become evident to you upon going through the product descriptions and special features below.

Product Description
  • Model – Classica 60BKBF
  • Air Flow Displacement – 1050 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Voltage – 250 Volts
  • Noise Level – 58 dB
  • Customer Rating – 3.4 Star
  • Material – Steel
  • Special Features – 2 Watt LED Lighting, Stainless Steel Baffle Filter
  • Colour – Black
  • Warranty – 7 Years on motor + 2 years on the product

Therefore, power will never be a worry for you. With 2 LED lamps, this chimney gives you an adequate proportion of light that you require for your cooking and enhances the ease of operation with the advanced touch control that is attached to the user interface.

This chimney looks modern and, all things considered, could precisely what you need to spice up your cooking experience and add a sprinkle of aesthetic charm to your already beautiful kitchen atmosphere.

Special Features

  1. Aesthetics: The chimney looks visually appealing and will give you something to show off to all the neighbors and guests, such as the elegance of the aesthetic look.
  2. 3 Speed SettingsThe settings and knobs provided allow you to interact and increase or decrease the speed of the suction as per your personal needs. The knobs are quite durable and require minimum maintenance.
  3. Stainless Steel Baffle FilterWith a suction prowess of1050 m3/hr, your kitchen gets unburdened of harmful pollutants and resistant oil and dust particles. May it be odors or grease, you can clean all with ease and under a max noise level of 65dB. Baffle filters are made of aluminum and high-quality stainless steel so that effective capture of grease and cooking odors is performed effectively.
  4. 2 Watt LED Lighting: With the included 2W LED lighting, the kitchen countertop will be visibly illuminated so that you can always keep a close watch while the operational part of the process is happening.
  5. Powder Coated Finish: This non-reactive and scratch-free coating ensures protection of the device from more minor forms of wear and tear because over time every machine has to battle friction
  6. Push Button Control: With the illuminated push-button controls, it’s as easy as the push of a button to control the power, lights, and three fan speeds of this brushed stainless steel range hood by Inalsa. Choose from high, medium, and low suction to suit a variety of foods and cooking.


  • Safe and durable product
  • Compact design can easily fit in your kitchen
  • Three-speed adjustment buttons
  • Comes with stainless steel baffle filter


  • The aesthetics tend to wear off quickly

5. Sunflame Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

best chimney in india

If you want to choose a brand that puts customer centricity at the top of their priority list and is well-known for delivering efficient, reliable, and durable products throughout the country, then choosing Sunflame is the right option for you.

Jam-packed with all the latest features that populate the current kitchen chimney market, this Sunflame Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney might seem like another run-of-the-mill product that is not true.

Product Description
  • Model – BELLA 60 SS
  • Air Flow Displacement – 1100 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Voltage – 230 Volts
  • Customer Rating – 3.4 Star
  • Material – Stainless-Steel
  • Special Features – Noise Filter, Baffle Filter
  • Colour – Steel/Grey
  • Warranty – 5 years on motor + 1 year on comprehensive

What separates this chimney from the rest and helps it maintain a spot in the list of the best kitchen chimney in India is the uncompromising customer support provided by the parent company, Sunflame.

This kitchen chimney is sure to raise some eyebrows with its sleek design and round the clock high performance making sure that you have the perfect cooking experience and atmosphere.

Special Features

  1. Powerful MotorThe highly efficient 190w Motor is the core of this high extraction chimney, and its singular craft holds the housing and motor in place while absorbing any resonance they make. This enables the fan to rotate at a higher speed while still being very steady and quiet during operation.
  2. Baffle FilterThis advanced stainless steel baffle filter functions efficiently, forcing oil and other kinds of residues to coalesce inside the baffle, hence only the air inside the filter would move freely.
  3. LED Lights: Every one of Sunflame’s chimneys comes with eco-friendly and energy-efficient LED fixtures to keep your kitchen lit-up and free of excess heat, unlike those halogen lights we all hate. It delivers all the light you would need for a comfortable cooking experience.
  4. Suction Capacity: A very powerful air suction capability of (1100m3h) and fully noise-free operation are some of the reasons why this is one of the best kitchen chimneys in India. The Bella is operated with a powerful motor that prevents smoke from escaping the chimney, which in turn keeps the kitchen fresh.
  5. Touch Control Panel: The smart push-button controls provide maximum ease and user-friendliness. It helps you adjust and use the lights as well as different fan speed levels, thus making your work seem less like a chore and more enjoyable.
  6. Noise Level: Sunflame chimneys usually range from 55dB to 57.5dB, which is a suitable noise level for most households.


  • Safe and durable product
  • Powerful suction
  • Easy to operate the functions
  • Smart touch buttons
  • Ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use


  • Can be difficult to install based upon the layout of your kitchen
  • No auto clean facility

6. Eurodomo curved glass Kitchen Chimney

kitchen chimney for home

If the perfect blend of style and substance is what you seek that then you come to the right place. With its advanced heat auto clean technology, this reliable and effective kitchen chimney will never let you down.

The oil collector drastically reduces the residue and oil buildup to make for easy cleaning. The stainless steel baffle filter is crafted to ensure the durability of the chimney filters for years to come.

The reason why this kitchen chimney makes it to our list of the best kitchen chimney in India is because of its reliability and its set of special features, the more poignant of which are listed below.

Product Description
  • Model – Hood Onyx PB BK 60
  • Air Flow Displacement – 1050 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Wattage – 190 Watts
  • Voltage – 220 Volts
  • Noise Level – 58 dB
  • Customer Rating – 4.0 Star
  • Material – Glass
  • Special Features – Energy Efficient, Baffle Filter
  • Colour – Black
  • Warranty – 1 year on product + 5 years on motor

The ergonomic touch control panel increases the suave elegance of the chimney and makes it fit homogenously into your regular kitchen decor. The state-of-the-art ventilation and one-touch button mechanism further fortify this as a powerhouse of kitchen comfort.

Buy this kitchen chimney if you want to join a long list of satisfied customers who are regularly being satisfied by the panache of this product.

Special Features

  1. Elegant bodySilhouetted with black color against its sleek and sturdy glass body, this Onyx PB BK 60 kitchen chimney from Eurodomo is the best pick for all modernized kitchens spaces. The durable build and regal looks make it a sight for sore eyes and a definite buy.
  2. Baffle FilterThe high-quality baffle filters enable the device to drag down dust particles, smoke, oil, and other residues. The filter boasts low maintenance and does not require much cleaning. You will be fine if you clean it at least once a month.
  3. LED Lights: The LED lights allow for quick navigation of the kitchen countertop when outside light is low. Also, the lower wattage of the lights doesn’t cause much electricity consumption, thus saving you money in the long run.
  4. Suction Capacity: This chimney has been designed with a power capacity of 1050 cubic meters per hour. This further enhances the suction capabilities of the chimney, which is its primary purpose.
  5. Easy to Push Buttons: The easy to use buttons are simple to operate and make your work less cumbersome.


  • Durable and elegant body structure
  • Visually pleasing
  • High quality filter
  • Suction capacity of 1050 cubic meters
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Poor post-sales service in some regions

7. Glen Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

best kitchen chimney for home

For almost twenty years, GLEN has been one of the prime movers in providing thoughtful and useful kitchen appliances to Indian households.

Supported by an extensive research database, international appeal, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in India, and increasingly well-established right word of mouth.

GLEN brings to the discerning Indian products which are a perfect mixture of good looks and capabilities. The Glen 6071 Black Designer Kitchen Chimney flaunts a striking modern design with the fortitude of strengthened glass.

We have carefully assimilated all the minute details regarding this kitchen chimney so that you don’t have to. Please look through the specifics so that you may make an informed buying decision.

Product Description
  • Model – CH6071XBLEX60BFLTW
  • Air Flow Displacement – 1000 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Wattage – 155 Watts
  • Noise Level – 58 dB
  • Customer Rating – 4.0 Star
  • Material – Glass
  • Special Features – Dynamic Airflow, Stainless Steel Baffle Filter
  • Colour – Black
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty

It comes with a stainless steel baffle filter, which is easily cleanable is lasts for many years.

The 155 Watt forceful 100% copper spiraling motor mechanism with heat overload protection makes sure that if overheating occurs when the motor doesn’t burn out immediately.

The product comes with a lifetime warranty. The push-button controls ease the user interface by a lot. The powerful 1000 m3/h suction dissipates the smoke from the straight pan outside, and this is why it is one of the best kitchen chimney in India.

Special Features

  1. Design: The curved black glass combined with the black body is exquisite to look at. It has been made with premium materials to give you a chimney hood that leaves no rock unturned by providing you with a splendid aesthetic device.
  2. Baffle Filter: This next-generation baffle filter with a fully dynamic system of airflow operates reliably and keeps the kitchen clean and in entirely pristine condition.
  3. LED Lights: The brilliantly working power-saving LED lights have a super long-life. They are adequately placed to lighten up the workspace so that you can easily navigate in low-light conditions.
  4. Dynamic Airflow: The top-notch design assures that the overall airflow, for some reason, gets reduce, and the oil deposits accumulate without choking the filter. Not to mention that it is straightforward to clean.
  5. Touch Control Panel: These buttons are cool-looking and enhance the user experience by making operation a piece of cake.
  6. Curved Glass: This kitchen chimney is tastefully clad in a sleek curved black glass against a black body. The glass is powder coated and tempered accordingly for maximum protection and durability.


  • Lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry
  • Aesthetic and sleek design
  • Easy accessible buttons and knobs
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Smoke takes much longer to clear in larger kitchens

8. Hindware Auto Clean Chimney

best chimney for home

This Cleo 60 Chimney combines the latest technology with a seamless and attentive user experience to give you and your family the best cooking marvel that you could ask for. Equipped with self-cleaning technology, Hindware Cleo 60 makes sure that your kitchen is smoke-free at all times and never disappoints.

There is a metal blower attached to the system that increases the suction power of the motor and also, in turn, makes sure to collect all the undesirable oil, dust particles, and residues in the oil collecter for easy eventual cleaning.

Product Description
  • Model – Cleo 60 Auto Clean
  • Air Flow Displacement – 1200 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Noise Level – 58 dB 
  • Customer Rating – 3.9 Star
  • Material – Steel & Glass
  • Special Features – Auto Clean, Baffle Filter
  • Colour – Steel/Grey
  • Warranty – 1 year on product + 5 years on motor

The touch-activated controls enable you to use the device effectively and discretely. Hindware is a well-known brand and delivers its uniquely customized experience to many households across India. If the high user rating wasn’t enough for you, take our word for it, this is undoubtedly one of the best kitchen chimney in India.

If you feel the need to go into the specifics of what this product has to offer, then all you need to do is go through our extensive list of product details and special features.

Special Features

  1. Aesthetics: This is one of those rare works of art that marries aesthetics with top-notch performance.
  2. Metallic Blower: These blowers have one primary function, and that is to multiply the suction prowess of the motor so that you can engage in much more easy and comfortable cooking while the smoke and dust particles are distributed elsewhere.
  3. Baffle Filter: This filter is vital equipment as it provides filtration from all the undesirable particles that emanate during the process of cooking. The filter makes sure that the kitchen remains pollution-free and in top working condition.
  4. Feather Touch Controls with LED: No one likes unresponsive and difficult to use controls. These feather touch controls, coupled with LED lights, help in easy accessibility to the kitchen chimney controls and also increases visibility in dim light situations.
  5. Water Auto Clean Technology: A powerful turbine is situated in the body of the chimney, which assists with self-cleaning. This means that your cleaning work gets cut down to an absolute minimum.


  • Safe and durable
  • Visually pleasing
  • Auto-cleaning technology
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • Brand Value as Hindware is well-known for its kitchen appliances


  • Sometimes generates too much noise

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Best Kitchen Chimney in India?

Buying Guide

Like most forms of technology, the best kitchen chimney in India can be identified by keeping in mind a set of factors. Some of the factors that you need to consider before buying the best kitchen chimney in India are

  • Different types of chimneys available in the market.
  • Types of chimney filters.
  • The suction power of the chimneys.
  • Size of the chimneys.
  • Maintenance and cleaning part of the process.

Different Types of Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Wall Mounted Chimney

wall mounted

The most common type of chimney you will come across in the market is the wall-mounted chimney. Since in many Indian Households, the chimneys are built adjacent to the walls, the wall-mounted chimneys have quite the popularity in India.

Generally, these types of chimneys use air-ducts to circulate the smoke outside.

But the ducts are a chosen attribute as you have the option not to use them based upon your kitchen structure. The chimney effectively purifies the air maintains the flow of clean air in the kitchen.

In these types of chimneys, cabinets are usually not present, and a variation of wall mounted chimneys called island chimneys is available. These island chimneys are better suited when the kitchen platforms are facing away from the walls. They are more frequently installed in restaurants and hotels rather than regular homes.

Straight-line Chimney

Sometimes we tend to face kitchen space constraints in Indian homes, in which case wall mounted chimneys are not a good idea.

A better alternative is the straight-line chimney. They extend to about half of the cooking space, thereby not taking up too much area. Their suction capabilities, however, are not affected by the compact size.

As these chimneys can suck away smoke not only from immediately above the countertop but also from the other corners of the kitchen. The main upside of using these chimneys is the extra space available to store items.

Auto Clean Chimney

auto clean chimney

Indian cuisines are often spicy, and the smoke generated from cooking them can collect in the filter as grime, soot, and mostly oil. This demands regular cleaning from your end, which can be tiresome.

Usually, baffle filters are used to reduce the cleaning process by a lot. But still, sometimes, the filtration process may go awry and result in leakage of oil. Auto clean chimneys have storage of about 500ml of water that you need to refill.

All you need to do is press the ‘auto clean’ button after every few weeks of use. This causes the water to clean the interior of the chimney and save you the hassle of cleaning.

Types of Kitchen Chimney filters

Mesh filters or Cassette filters

Cassette filters

The smoke emanated from cooking contains many harmful particles. Usually, the filters contain many layers of stainless steel or aluminum mesh filters to seclude the harmful particles while also making sure that the smoke can escape.

A downside of these filters is high maintenance, so they are hardly ever used. If you do decide to get a chimney with these filters, then an ideal way to wash the filters is to do it regularly.

You can do it yourself, which would be quite the task, or you could contact a cleanup based agency who can do the work for you.

Baffle Filter


This is the most popular kind of filter in India. It is an all-round improvement over the mesh filter. It is scientifically proven that these are 30% or more efficient when compared to mesh or cassette filters.

The panels on the filters have many curvatures that let the smoke escape without obstruction while holding on to the grease effectively. These are much easier to clean and maintain, so you only need to clean the filter once every 3-4 months, which is highly convenient.

These days the baffle filters come in detachable forms to further ease your cleaning process while also decreasing the frequency of cleaning required. Also, you don’t need an expert or a technician to perform the cleaning process.

Carbon filter

mesh filter

Carbon filters help remove harmful particles in a variety of devices, which include water purifiers and kitchen chimneys. As these filters can effectively remove impurities from water, you can rest assured that they are quite effective against oil and other kitchen residues.

They help in getting rid of bad odor from food. These charcoal-made filters are usable for both chimneys with ducts and the ductless ones.

The main hassle with these types of filters is that cleaning is not enough, and you have to replace the filters every six months to get maximum functionality from the chimney. This makes using these an expensive ordeal; thus, they are not popular in India.

Suction Power of Kitchen Chimney

The main reason for you to get a kitchen chimney in the first place is for clearing out kitchen smoke. For this purpose, a powerful suction capability is very important.

Fortunately, you can quickly identify whether a chimney with a particular suction power will be suitable for your kitchen or not.

You should always choose a chimney that can remove ten times the volume of air present in a given kitchen atmosphere.

In India, the rate of suction is represented as a cubic meter per hour. The more the suction power, the more efficient the chimney.

Usually, the kitchens area in India tends to be small. For a traditional kitchen with an area of about cubic meters, the recommended air suction power should be 480 cubic meters per hour.

There are other details such as the distance between the ducts and the gas stove, size of the chimney, etc. that play a role.

Size of the chimney

One of the most important things to be mindful of while considering the size of the kitchen chimney is that chimneys should have a lesser width than the size of the gas stove. The two most common sizes are 60 cm and 90 cm. A 60 cm model would suffice for most Indian kitchens.

These chimneys are more suitable for the two-burner gas stoves, which is there in most of the Indian kitchens.

If you have a larger cooking top, then could try your hand with the 90 cm wide chimneys.

If you are using a gas stove model that has three burners, then a wider size chimney would be the more appropriate option.

Optimum distance should be maintained between the chimney and the gas stove.

The recommended distance is between 26 inches to around 30 inches. If the distance is lesser than this, then the system has the possibility of turning into a fire hazard. Consequently, if the distance is larger, then the suction power and operating efficiency of the kitchen are affected.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Kitchen chimneys are useful tools that work tirelessly to give you clean air to breathe while cooking, so it is evident that cleaning and maintaining such a device is paramount.

At the end of the day, it falls on your shoulders to get the cleaning properly so that the device is always in a peak working condition. These days chimneys come with detachable filters and auto cleaning systems.

This makes the cleaning process go by like a breeze, and hence you don’t need to expend money on a technician or professional.

Frequently Asked Questions


Many of us don’t pay much heed to kitchen appliances unless we need them. But we do require food every day. We require it to survive and fill us with energy so that we may go about our day-to-day lives. Not to mention, there is no replacement for a delicious meal.

Yet when it comes to saving and buying a new technology to make our lives easier, we always thing about phones and laptops before something that will help us cook better.

But in these modern times, these habits are changing. Nowadays, people are seeking out information for things like chimneys, mixer grinder, gas stoves, etc. Basically, something that would help us enjoy life a little more by cutting down the time required to do tedious chores.

A kitchen chimney is one of these many devices. Sure it can be a bit expensive for some, but the increase in quality of life that these appliances provide more than makes up for the cost of these devices.

Having said that, we hope that you were able to leaf through our chosen products and find the one that would be your best kitchen chimney in India.

Thank you for reading!

Kindly let us know your views in the comments below.


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