20 Birthday Gift Ideas For Kid Below Age 10


Birthday Gift Ideas For kid

To make kids happy, one of the best ways to is surprise your kids with the latest technology gifts. Whether it’s your kid’s birthday or some special occasions or they rank first in the class appreciate them every single time by gifting the best gifts. We know sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right gifts for your kid’s birthday, no worries, we have solved your problem by bringing you a list of 20 best birthday gift ideas for kid that you can give children on their special day.

1.POLA Maps & Solar System Combo 3 in 1 Tiling Puzzle 

Kids always like solving puzzles whether it’s 2000 or 2020. Puzzles will always be the favorite games for the little ones. Solving puzzles is a kind of brain exercise for kids, also puzzles help them to develop strategies and sharpen their minds.

Consist of 60 pieces.

2. Portronics Portable RuffPad E-Writer 

This latest technology portronics ruffpad E-writer has all the new features, it has the pressure-sensitive screen which lets kids draw, take notes and the one-touch erase button makes it easier to erase notes instantly. It has a durable case and its recessed screen are very safe for travel and for home use. Ruffpad is a perfect birthday gift idea for kid.

3. Kinsound Portable Ruff Pad E-Writer/Writing Pad/Drawing Pad

Kinsound portable ruff pad will help your kids in education as well it will also help in the other fun activities likes drawings, writing, and many more. This tablet’s pressure-sensitive LCD surface is ultra-thin, its battery is a built-in sealed button (replaceable) and it will long last up to 1 year. Tablets are a great source of learning online for kids as now everything is going online.

4. Shifu Orboot: The Educational AR Globe   

Shifu offers the best educational AR Globe. A perfect birthday gift ideas for kid that’s will build curiosity among children and build their knowledge, linguistic and cognitive skills. This 180-degree globe comes with a sturdy stand that sits perfectly balanced on the study table or any desk. Kids can explore the world with fun, and experimenting with the other different features of this globe. This a unique birthday gift you can buy for your kids.

5.Toyshine My First Ride Vespa Rider Ride-on Toy


ToyShine my first ride Vespa rider ride on toy is a unique gift you can gift a toddler. It is specially designed for the small children keeping in mind their comfort level, It has a spacious seat with safety backrest for better protection and back support for your child’s safety. Toddlers will love this gift as it has more features like it’s sound and steering wheel that lets your little ones to control the directions of turning left/right, going forward/backward by steering wheel. Also, it is made with environmentally friendly PP materials which makes it a perfect birthday gift ideas for kid. 

6. English Learner Educational Laptop for Kids

We suggest you best the educational toy laptop for kids, where kids can learn and play at the same time. kids can learn English from 20 different activities listed. This laptop is the best learner for your kids. The features include the spelling of words, alphabets recognition and pronunciation, find the word, correct the word, play a melody, play notes, find notes, it speaks out the letter that kids needs to punch on the keyboard and many more. This laptop is the best birthday gift for kids.

7. Curtis Toys Paradise Wheel Musical Wind up Box Gift

Paradise wheel musical wind up box is a unique gift to be given to a toddler. The gift is a brand-new product and made up of high-quality wood. This doesn’t need any battery, there’s a switch which one can twist and the wheel will start rotating. There is a pull-down menu where we can choose music. The music used is very soothing and calming.

8. Recording Mic Instrumental Piano for kids

Let the dreams of your young little music star fly high by gifting them this electronic instrumental piano. This awesome piano comes with 37 keys, 8 tones, 8 rhythms, MP3 function, 6 demos, volume control, tempo control, song recorder, song play, and a recording mic. This instrumental piano is specially designed for kids. Kids can express their emotions through the piano.

9.Pola Puzzles Jungle Friends Puzzle Combo 3 in 1

Pola puzzles jungle friends puzzle combo 3 in 1 gift pack comes with 3 different themes that are jungle elephant, jungle cheetah, jungle panda floor puzzles. This puzzle is made with premium hardboard material. Solving puzzles is a kind of exercise for kids it improves hand-eye coordination, Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Cognitive skills, Shape recognition, Memory, Problem-solving, Setting goals, Patience.

10. Talking Tom Cat Toy for Kids

Children are obsessed with the talking tom cat on mobile apps on phones. We have the best birthday gift idea for kids who love talking tom cat. This talking tom cat comes with a touch facility now. This talking tom offers you to record, sings, speaks back to you, tells a story, and much more.

11.Butterfly Fields– 7-in-1 DIY Math Learning Aids Game

7-in-1 DIY Math Learning Aids Game will help in learning all the basics of primary mathematics. Children will explore a new way of learning through this game. This primary math kit will help children to learn the basic concepts of mathematics from 1st to 5th grades. This is a perfect birthday gift you can buy from your children.

12. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Cookie Creations

These colorful play dough cookie creations are the perfect gift for kids. Colorful things always attract kids and here we are with the best option of play-doh gift where kids can show their creations and can create amazing looking play-doh cakes and cupcakes with details. This play-doh contains decorating tools,4 cutters, spatula, and 5 cans of play-doh and the products that are used are safe for children.

13. Toyshine Plastic Baby Monkey Interactive Finger Puppet

Amaze your little ones with this attractive baby monkey puppet. Kids will love this cute pink color monkey puppet. This is a TOPO monkey and has different features as they react to sounds, motion, and touch make little noises and moves in different ways that make your kids squeal with delight. Kids can pet them and carry them in their little fingers. This miniature monkey will be loved by your kids as their birthday gift ideas for kid.

14.Smartivity Blast-off Space Rocket

Kids live in their own imaginary world, some want to be doctor, some pilot, some astronaut, and many more. Give wings to your kid’s dream gift this SmartCity’s blast space rocket S.T.E.M. Educational D.I.Y toy kit. The kit contains all the elements that a kid can assemble the rocket easily and can launch their own missions. This kit is designed for kids of age group 6-14 yrs. girls or boys.

15.Genius Box – Play some Learning Toys for Children: Magical Planet Earth Educational Toys

Give your kids the perfect gift on their birthday which helps them in learning as well as in fun playing. This set is a complete genius box it includes the following learning activities, recycle and reuse – sorting activity, amazing landforms, the big blue marble, sort the landmarks, water cycle in a bag, create your own mini earth, layers of the earth, and young geologist certificate. Genius box is designed for kids to learn that playing is the best form of learning.

16. Wooden 40+ Pieces DIY Build A Chair Tools Set

These wooden pieces constructive play toy is designed specially for kids. This toy will help kids stimulates their curiosity, make them creative and fine their motor skills. This wooden DIY chair toll set is eco-friendly and is 100% wooden, non-toxic and safe for children. Perfect birthday gift idea for kids.

17. Roller Coaster Marble Slide Activity Toy Game Kit

Smartivity roller coaster marble slide is a combination of a pool table and roller-coaster. These toys are designed to encouraged children to build this toy with their hands, which boosts their self-confidence. This tool is an educational DIY building construction activity toy game which provides play-filled learning of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts) and Mathematics) fundamentals.

All the instructions step by step and tools are being provided inside this roller coaster marble slide kit. This kit is the best birthday gift for children of the age group of 8-10. Also, it’s eco-friendly and sustainable, and trusted by parents.

18.Swimming Pool for kids

Summer is here and every kid wants to go outside and play in swimming pools. So, this baby inflatable 5 feet kid’s water pool bathtub is the perfect gift for this summer season. Kids will be going to love the colorful swimming pool. The materials used are durable and the base of the pool is smooth and very comfortable.

19.Building Blocks for Kids

These blocks will help kids to learn how to build different shapes and structures. Kids will also learn about different colors, sizes, shapes, and help children to develop their vocabularies, improves math skills, and even teaches them about balance. Kids can show their creativity with these blocks, they can make toys, create number which will improve kids sharp their minds.

This product is safe for small children as they are made with solid PP plastic and nontoxic free of lead, BPA, and phthalates. Surprise your kid with this most amazing block gift.

20.Fun Ride Galaxy DX Twist and Swing Magic Ride-on Car

Swing magic ride on car is an amazing gift for birthdays, kids will love this small ride on this magic car and the inbuilt music will entertain your kids throughout their rides. This toy car is safe for your kid as it has a comfortable backrest and a comfortable seat. This cute design will definitely attract kids.

We suggest you these amazing 20 Birthday Gift Ideas For Kids Below Age 10 where they can enjoy, learn and play. Let them indulge more to the different activities and games we are here to help you kids learn and grow. 


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